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The Rose Cross is the central symbol to all groups embracing the Esoteric Christian philosophy of the Rosicrucians.[1 ][2 ]

The Rose Cross is, as its name suggests, a cross with a white rose at its centre.[3 ]

The Rosy Cross is also a Rosicrucian symbol found in some Masonic Christian bodies[4 ] and employed by individuals and groups formed during the last centuries for the study of Rosicrucianism and allied subjects,[5 ] but derived from the adoption of a red rose.

A modern form of the Rosie Cross is found in a Rosicrucian Christian symbol that places a crown of red roses ennobling a white rose at the centre of the cross;[6 ] the symbol of the fraternity that has prepared a great lodge for the Brethren to be gathered.[7 ]

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    "In fashion then as of a snow-white rose
    Displayed itself to me the saintly host,
    Whom Christ in his own blood had made his bride,"
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