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Whenever an individual begins their adult life, they obtain specific training, jobs, and some basic skills also. Nevertheless, there is always a celebrated group of us who succeed and many of us who fail. What separates the two groups? There are many psychological, human potential, and even metaphysical strategies advocated to improve your performance or reinvigorate your potential. The irony to life is that we will all need to sell and grow our character, credentials, and capabilities in just about any career that we engage.

To begin this discussion, let us start with the premise that all great businesses begin with an idea. Many businesses are successful; thus, thoughts can turn into real things. Your thoughts combined with the appropriate desire and plans are the basis of most success.

A strong desire is usually what can bring your idea into a reality. So, if you begin your goals in life with the strong desire to succeed and never look back, you probably are successful if you have the persistence to continue through the inevitable cycles of the financial and insurance industry.

All of us began with some sort of plan of action to grow. Some of us had very detailed plans and others did not. Planning is crucial because most people do not define what they will do and are scared to write down exactly what they want to achieve and how they will realize the goal in any degree of specificity.

Thus, having definite objectives and a specific plan along with a strong desire for success is generally what is needed to accomplish great things. A burning desire is something that you really want to do. Here are some attributes of winners: You should have faith that you can make your plan happen. You are willing to sever the past and move forward with your objectives and desires. You are willing to focus exclusively on specific projects, and never give up. Having your stated objectives while engaging positive thoughts, enthusiasm, and persistence that is built on honesty and integrity will propel your business and personal growth.

In this next section, there are clear bullet points that describe an easy exercise to define your plan. This involves putting pen to paper. On paper, you will write out clearly what you want to achieve.

How to Create a Personal Agreement with Yourself by Firmly Establishing What You Want. Write Your Plan in Specific Terms by Determining:

· What you desire to accomplish (the amount of clients or success or service to the community or annual salary)
· What service, time commitment, and value you will give to earn and deserve the outcome
· The date your goal will be achieved.
· Sign and date the written agreement with yourself
· Read the plan daily upon beginning your workday and before retiring for the evening.
· Frequently feel that you have achieved success in heart and mind and harvest that emotion of achievement.

Enthusiasm and Faith can be induced through several practices or exercises: Enthusiasm and a proactive attitude are some of the major forces that when coupled with your desire can propel a plan. As for the Metaphysical Aspect of Success:

Many members use this technique for a few minutes a day to reaffirm their personal faith and success mentality so that they will indeed accomplish what they desire.

· Find a quiet spot to relax
· Read statements of desire (think about your personal objectives in you minds eye)
· Practice forming mental images of your personal success in your spare time.
· Project the image of your success on the subconscious mind using a heart felt energy. See that you have success already in your imagination For example, imagine yourself achieving your goals and feel the emotions of achieving that goal at year-end.
· Affirmations reading aloud the professional and successful attributes that you desire such as: "I am a successful person and deserve to have great rewards. (OR you should read your personal contract statement frequently)
· Use gratitude and thankfulness of heart. As many success writers state, "Complaining and being negative is a waste of your time and energy". Moreover, when being thankful for your job, career, clients and so forth, you will create an energy of attraction that will bring you more positive outcomes, happiness, and success. Further, new opportunities and your existing relationships will be more attracted to your successful and positive outlook. Believe me, people can sense this. Therefore, you should contemplate the good in your life while relaxing.
· Combine the above with Action, Action and More Action See Below.

As for a Successful Action Plan

· Your actions must be persistent. This would suggest that we should be proactive in building new relationships as well as keeping existing ones.
· Avoid lack of decision and procrastination, and stick with your decision and plan. An example of this would be to let go of a bad client, if this relationship is consistently abusing your time and energy without just rewards and payment for your time.
· Know each day what you will do to move forward with your business plans. Be efficient and effective. Do all you can do each day without haste. Do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Today, you should accomplish all you can. Over time, this adds up, and you will receive positive results in your business.
· Strong thoughts of gratitude and enthusiasm will bring about change for the better in you and your environment. This simply means to focus on being the best and thinking about the best for you, your family, and your business.
· Organize your affairs so that you can receive the rewards of a better business. Thus, allow for new and better ideas and opportunities. Believe that you deserve them. Do not be afraid to charge them value for value. This may mean acquiring greater business tools, administrative assistance, infrastructure use, and ways to capture income. In any event, be prepared to provide solutions and do the homework before asking for handouts.

Professional Growth and Mentor Groups:

· Develop a group of friends who can give you professional insight and feedback and will support your goals and share their own personal experiences and success tactics.
· You should be willing to help all members in this group of professional friends with your knowledge, skill, and support.
· Meet often for planning and to obtain and give feedback to your group.
· You must always speak and act to maintain harmony with this group with positive and encouraging conversation. Thus, never belittle or constantly contradict your group members. Offer solutions, not criticism.

Belief in Yourself, Your Ideas and Service:

Believe that your ideas, contributions,and services are as good or better than any out there. Know and understand all facets of your ideas and strategy. Be able to articulate the benefits of your contributions. Chances are that what you offer is just as good as what others put forward. Your contributions create opportunity for others. Do not be afraid to cultivate the new opportunities because someone else will do this if you don't. Moreover, remember that some small opportunities take just as much time to manage as very large opportunities. Therefore, time management is essential. As they say, "Over time, it is better to have 20 great relationships than 150 non-productive ones."

Being Successful

With success, there is usually hard work and many people who depend on you. As a reminder, there will be times when you just need to rest or take time off. There will be seasons where you may need to rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your life. With all of that being said, you physical and mental wellbeing is the most important thing to maintain so that you may continue all of your good works. Therefore, try to keep a balance with body, mind and soul and incorporate good exercise, diet, leisure, and rest with your professional life.